karen k. liu

I design digital products, from conceptualizing and wire-framing to high-fidelity prototyping and testing. Most of my days are spent doing user research and analysis, interaction and visual design, making prototypes, and collaborating with stakeholders. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Brave, based in SF. Previously at Shutterstock.

You can find my visual and motion design shots on Dribbble, my writings about user experience design on Medium, and my resume on LinkedIn.


Improving conversion flows


iOS app for a personal travel assistant


Android app for secret messaging


iOS app for a social media platform

Global Liquidity Dashboard

Web application for a Fortune 500 bank


iOS app for a sweets delivery service

Form and Task Manager

Web application for a Fortune 500 bank


off hours

In my free time time I make things and work on my list of never-ending side projects. Designing without constraints, making art with my hands, and taking classes just for fun fuels my creativity and keeps me engaged at work.

You can find my illustrations on Instagram and my comics under a pseudonym on Webtoons. Here's also a select few projects...

Dumpling Child

iOS 10 Sticker App

Concrete Glass and Metal

Furniture Design