iOS app for a personal travel assistant

RSRV Screenshot


RSRV (pronounced "reserve") is a travel assistant app that helps people book flights and travel plans at the best prices. Users are able to make a travel request by either texting the travel agent or inputting their travel details through a simple form.

My Role: This iOS app was developed by T5 Labs, Inc. They had already started creating a prototype but needed some deeper UX and visual design expertise to help complete the first version of the product. Thus, I was brought in to lead the user interface and interaction design of this product while working with developers and the product manager.

1    Interaction Design

After looking over the screens they had created and talking at length with the product team to understand their vision, I began building out the design for the rest of the app. I started with figuring out the high level information architecture of the app. On each screen I also noted down micro interactions and design elements that would be helpful later on when I worked more extensively on the visual design.

2    Visual Design

The product manager wanted the app to be utilitarian and flexible enough to appeal to all demographics, business and corporate travelers, and young urban professionals to older leisure travelers. When the first few screens were created, the product team had decided that the visual design for RSRV should be centered on a greyscale palette. Working with a greyscale palette was challenging at first, but I was able to settle on some simple visual design rules for creating interaction affordances.

Visual Designs

3    Prototype + Test

Next I created high fidelity prototypes that we could use to test. I was working with with a tight deadline, so I used a very lightweight prototyping tool called Flinto to quickly create interactive prototypes. I managed to fit in 2 rounds of usability testing before the launch of the app.

Onboarding Micro-interactions