Android app for secret messaging

Fly Screenshots


Fly is an Android messaging app that allows users to listen in on conversations that their friends are having (with permission). Once a user is added as a "Fly" to listen in, they can give their friend advice on the conversation while watching the conversation take place in real time. Use Fly to give and get dating advice, plan surprise parties, help roommates stay updated on conversations with Airbnb hosts or landlords, and more.

My Role: This Android app was developed by T5 Labs, Inc. I was brought in to lead the user interface and interaction design of this product while working with developers and the product manager.

1    Interaction Design

I first talked at length with the product team to understand their vision for this app. They had created a few screens to illustrate the idea but the majority of the product was missing completed user flows. After looking over what they had made, I began to fill in the gaps in the user experience for Fly. After several rounds of input between the product team and getting external input from the CEO of another messaging app, I created the high level information architecture of the app.

2    Visual Design

Since there are two sides to the Fly app - the host of the conversation and the flys who are listening in - I picked complementary colors for the color palette. It was important to clearly differentiate between the fly's view and the host's view since the roles were so disparate. The colors we decided on are bright to appeal to younger users while being ubiquitous enough to inspire confidence. Overall, the visual and user interface design is intentionally familiar to users as a messaging app while discreetly adding the Fly functionality.

3    Prototype + Test

Next I used Invision to quickly create a high fidelity prototype we could use to test. Since we were short on time, we used the prototype not to test micro-interactions but to test the overall user experience and get product feedback in a cross between a usability test and an interview session.

Invision Prototype

Based on the feedback, I created an experience map to help us identify the most problematic areas of the user experience and prioritize changes before the launch of the app.

Experience Map

4    Motion Design

To add some final touches and polish up the app, I prototyped some transition effects and micro-interactions using Adobe After Effects.

Conversation Micro-interactions
Tab Transition
Dismiss Notification