Dumpling Child

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Dumpling Child was originally going to grow up just like you, me, and everyone else. But one day a mean-spirited little mosquito whispered in his ear and said this, "When you grow up, you're not going to be able to eat all the dumplings and sweets that you want. You'll become fat, obese, get diabetes, and nobody will like you. But if you let me take just an itty-bitty little bite from your cheek, I promise that you will never grow up."

Of course Dumpling Child did not want to grow up after hearing this, so he let the mosquito take a bite from his cheek.

Shortly after the mosquito flew away, Dumpling Child swelled up all over in hives, went into anaphylactic shock, and died. Dumpling Child's deathly allergy to mosquito bites was the source of the mosquito's sneaky promise.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted garden fairy who happened to be passing by witnessed Dumpling Child's untimely death, so she took pity on him and fed him some eternal nectarine from the Secret Tree of Youth, which she always carried with her in a petal pouch.

As soon as the first golden drops passed Dumpling Child's lips, the color returned to his chubby cheeks and he sprung up again, good as new! Thereafter he spent all his days eating, playing, laughing, loving...and never, ever growing up.