Concrete Glass and Metal

Furniture Design


This furniture design exercise centered around creating cohesive furnishings for a hotel room, with a personal choice in the type of clientele. I started with a mood board that depicted tonality, textures, and concepts I was inspired by, and used this as the framework for the pieces.

The targeted clients of this hotel would be technologically savvy designers, engineers, and business people who by all means were at the innovative and modern forefront of society. They did however, possess a soft spot for nostalgic reminders of the past. Hence, the themes that informed my designs were the clean, sleek lines of the "modern" look, the edgy juxtaposition of metal, glass, and concrete, and small anachronistic elements. Together, the pieces were "floating."

Nightstand Perspective
Nightstand Front and Top Views


The first piece I designed was a nightstand. Out of all the possible items of furniture I could choose to design, this one was the most interesting. A nightstand is at once the most intimate and functional piece of furniture one may own. Thus, I designed it to satisfy three key intimate functionalities: 1) a drawer/table to hold books, glasses of water, and other personal effects, 2) a reading lamp so that one could read in bed, and 3) a cordless charger so that highly relied upon smartphones could be charged without hassle.

The final product was a concrete drawer with an embedded cordless charger, floating next to a clear glass tube containing a wire leading up to a cheerfully anachronistic reading lamp, held up by delicate arms of blackened steel.

Desk Perspective and Front View


Next, I designed a desk with a substantial slab of floating concrete. Although my modern and minimal clientele stress a clutter-free desk, some possess nostalgia induced hobbies such as experimenting with Polaroid cameras and stamp collecting. I imagine that fountain pens, quills, and wax stamps are still housed by some sentimental beings of this group who at times write letters to equally sentimental friends that still appreciate hand-written things. So the floating slab of concrete was accompanied by a couple of floating drawers to house these obsolete writing instruments, and accented with lines of blackened steel.

Mirror Perspective


Lastly, my third piece was a heavy mirror housed by an ornate concrete frame, suspended by steel backings. The lights are touch and voice-activated, and pay homage to the original Edison bulb.